The past twenty years could be called the Golden Age of Dentistry - so many inventions and achievements were made in the field of Cosmetic Dentistry, Implant Dentistry, Pediatric Dentistry, Endodontics and Orthodontics.

Often question arises when to implement specific dental procedure and how to apply it in every particular case. By having a solid academic background, numerous and numerous hours of continuing education and years of practical dental experience, we help patient choose the best treatment plan. Our treatment selection process is based on patient’s expectations and a firm emphasis on the patient’s current and future dental health.

As never before, Dentistry has become a multi-faceted discipline with so many options and caveats, that patient may get lost in all choices, where dentistry, medicine and pure cosmetic are tightly intervened.

For twenty years, in a friendly environment, we have helped patients through labyrinths of Dental Science by thorough exams and clear treatment plans to create healthy and attractive smiles.

We are grateful to all our patients for being patient with us, for we always take our time - but the results of our work speak for themselves.

So, let our journey to begin - welcome to our office!

- Ellen Rado, DDS

Dr. Ellen Rado graduated from College of Dentistry at New York University, in 1992. Since 1997 she has practiced dentistry in Green Brook, NJ.

Regarding dentistry as a multi-faceted discipline Dr. Rado has deep knowledge and extensive experience in Cosmetic/Restorative Dentistry, Implant Dentistry, Pediatric Dentistry and Endodontics.

Dr. Rado has always been vigorous student of Dental Science, attending numerous dental symposiums, meetings, workshops and seminars, and earning more than 700 hours of continuing education. Her current and past professional affiliations include American Dental Association, Academy of General Dentistry, Academy of Osseointegration, The Dawson Academy, RV Tucker Academy of Gold and both the Somerset and Middlesex County Dental Societies.

Since 2006 until now Dr. Rado has been annually listed as America’s Top Dentist by Consumer Research Council of America. Since 2009 Dr. Ellen Rado’s office “Art of Dental Care” has been an accredited business with Better Business Bureau, based on the office’s clinical expertise and professional ethics. Dr. Rado is certified Qi-Gong healer (2012).

Cosmetic Dentist

Art of Dental Care: Ellen Rado DDS offers cosmetic dentistry services for patients throughout the Green Brook Township area. As an experienced cosmetic dentist, we make it possible for our patients to have the beautiful smile they have always wanted using a variety of modern dental techniques. Art of Dental Care: Ellen Rado DDS is committed to high-quality patient care and works to ensure that patients are comfortable during their procedures and delighted with the results. This makes us the provider of choice for patients throughout New Jersey.

Art of Dental Care: Ellen Rado DDS takes the time to get to know each patient and the goals that they have for their smile. This often involves correcting a problem with how a particular tooth, or teeth, appear. Thanks to modern dental techniques, we can help patients throughout Green Brook Township NJ to accomplish these goals in a way that is painless while producing dramatic results. Gone are the days where people have to live with a smile that they don’t like or are embarrassed to show off. Even people with severe stains, crooked, damaged teeth, and gaps can experience the stunning transformations available when working with Art of Dental Care: Ellen Rado DDS.

We work with adults of all ages and commonly hear that older patients feel like it is too late to improve their smile. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Seniors throughout the 08812 area frequently use our services and are delighted to find that there are many ways to restore their damaged teeth and replace missing ones. While, in years past, there may have been very few options available for replacing missing teeth, cosmetic dentistry has opened the door to solutions that are permanent, durable, and natural looking. To find out what procedures will work best for you, call 732-424-8483 and schedule a consultation.

The Truth About Cosmetic Dentistry

Some people hear the word cosmetic and assume that Art of Dental Care: Ellen Rado DDS only treats people that are looking to create a Hollywood smile. While Art of Dental Care: Ellen Rado DDS is a talented cosmetic dentist, this field of dentistry involves much more than creating a stunning appearance. It is true that most Hollywood stars have used cosmetic dentistry to improve their smile, but these procedures accomplish far more than that.

Beyond basic cosmetic procedures aimed at changing a persons’ appearance, cosmetic dentistry can restore the functionality of teeth and the self-confidence of our patients. People throughout New Jersey visit Art of Dental Care: Ellen Rado DDS after they have been in an accident and have damaged their tooth. The American Dental Association reports that the majority of adults that damage their teeth do so while playing sports, meaning that anyone can have a tooth break or chip at any time – regardless of how careful they are. Car wrecks, slip and fall accidents, and workplace injuries are additional ways that teeth can become damaged and when they do, it is important to visit a dentist that understands how to restore teeth in a natural way.

Art of Dental Care: Ellen Rado DDS has a reputation for completing restorations in a way that makes teeth appear so natural, no one can tell there was ever anything wrong with them. This is the sign of a talented cosmetic dentist. When no one knows that you were there – you did an excellent job. Art of Dental Care: Ellen Rado DDS and the staff at Art of Dental Care: Ellen Rado DDS have earned this reputation for excellence, leading people throughout Green Brook Township NJ to schedule appointments after damaging their teeth. This can be a lifesaver for people that want to live an active lifestyle and maintain the appearance they had prior to the accident. We do, however, recommend that if you damaged your tooth, you call 732-424-8483 to schedule an appointment right away. The faster you can come into our dental office, the more options you will have for restoring the damaged tooth. This is especially true if you had a tooth fall out and are trying to save it.

Preventative Care

Cosmetic dentistry has also improved preventative care and how people are treated overall. In the past, old fashioned metal tools were used for everything. Now, as a cosmetic dentists, we look for ways to improve the patient experience and leverage technology in order to do so. Some new techniques involve using a laser while dentists keep patients comfortable and relaxed through sedation. Art of Dental Care: Ellen Rado DDS treats patients in the 08812 area and does so with compassion and care. By identifying ways to improve the experience of every patient, Art of Dental Care: Ellen Rado DDS and the staff at Art of Dental Care: Ellen Rado DDS continue to make visiting the dentist easier and more enjoyable. From painless teeth cleanings to performing major dental work in comfort, we make our patients our top priority.

As an experienced dentist, Art of Dental Care: Ellen Rado DDS understands that when patients have healthy teeth, their teeth will be less likely to become damaged or to fall out. With over seventy percent of U.S. adults experiencing some form of tooth loss, preventative care is that much more important. We recommend that patients throughout New Jersey schedule an appointment with our local Green Brook Township office to have their teeth cleaned at least twice a year. During these regular appointments, we can remove surface stains, bacteria, and plaque that like to hide in hard to reach places. We can also look for signs of gum disease and cavities so that if any are present, they can be treated right away. Keeping teeth healthy is important because healthy teeth are strong teeth, and strong teeth are at less of a risk for falling out.

While cosmetic dentistry is typically viewed as a way to create a beautiful and perfect smile, taking the time to focus on preventative care is something that we are passionate about. The entire staff at Art of Dental Care: Ellen Rado DDS takes the time to educate patients about what they can do at home to stay in good oral health and as a result, we are able to reduce the risk of cavities and gum disease in patients throughout the 08812 area. Sometimes, taking these few extra minutes can make a positive impact on our patients’ oral health, and that is something that excites us.

If you are looking for a cosmetic dentist in Green Brook Township NJ, schedule an appointment to visit Art of Dental Care: Ellen Rado DDS. You will be delighted with the level of patient care that you receive along with the stunning results. You can schedule an appointment by calling Art of Dental Care: Ellen Rado DDS at 732-424-8483.

Children's Dentist

Art of Dental Care: Ellen Rado DDS is your local Green Brook Township Children's Dental office. We treat patients of all ages and do so in a warm and welcoming environment. Our office is conveniently located, and we welcome patients throughout New Jersey to schedule an appointment and experience how we can keep everyone in the family in optimal oral health.

Art of Dental Care: Ellen Rado DDS is an expert dentist that focuses on improving the overall experience of our patients whenever possible. This means that the moment you walk into the Art of Dental Care: Ellen Rado DDS offices, you will be greeted with a warm smile and welcomed by our friendly staff. We understand that visiting new dentist can make patients unsure about what they will experience; we work diligently so that patients throughout the 08812 enjoy their visit – every time. To schedule your appointment, call 732-424-8483. If you reach us after hours or on the weekend, we will do our best to return calls as quickly as possible.

Philosophy of Care

Art of Dental Care: Ellen Rado DDS and the staff at Art of Dental Care: Ellen Rado DDS believe in the importance of preventative care for children. We focus on keeping patients throughout NJ in good oral heath so that they can live a full, healthy, and enjoyable life that is free from oral pain. This starts by educating our patients on what they can do to stay healthy at home. In our family dentistry office we recommend that patients eat a healthy diet that consists of green leafy vegetables, lean protein, nuts, dairy products, and crunchy fruits and veggies. Eating these foods along with drinking water can keep teeth healthy and make them stronger. By simultaneously reducing sugar intake, patients throughout Green Brook Township can reduce their risk of cavities.

It is also important to brush and floss throughout the day. Instead of waiting for bedtime to brush teeth, carry a small toothbrush and use it after meals and snacks. This makes it possible to remove sugar and bacteria from the teeth and gums before it has the opportunity to turn into acid that can attack the teeth. This preventative step can greatly reduce a persons’ risk of getting a cavity or gum disease. Art of Dental Care: Ellen Rado DDS understand the importance of taking these steps at home and will spend the time necessary to educate and inform patients so that they can stay healthy overall. Education, after all, is essential for living a long and healthy life.

Visits to Our Family Dentistry Office

We welcome patients throughout the Green Brook Township NJ area to schedule an appointment with our Children's Dentist office by calling 732-424-8483. Everyone should have their teeth cleaned and examined at least twice a year so if it has been awhile since you visited a dentist, don’t delay in scheduling an appointment. During these ongoing dental exams Art of Dental Care: Ellen Rado DDS will make sure that your teeth are thoroughly cleaned and look for any signs of cavities or gum disease. If any are found, they will be treated right away before they can spread and create additional problems. Early detection and treatment are important for reducing any pain that may come as a result of an infection. For example, if gum disease is caught early, it can be treated with a thorough deep cleaning. If, on the other hand, it is left undiagnosed, surgery may eventually be required in order to correct it.

Understanding the importance of these regular dental exams, the staff at Art of Dental Care: Ellen Rado DDS work to make each patient extremely comfortable. This includes being welcoming and kind while performing dental treatments in a way that is painless and relaxing. Patients throughout New Jersey visit our family dentistry office because they trust us to do just that – take care of their teeth and gums, gently. While the majority of our patients are local and come from the 08812 area, we see patients from throughout the state that are looking for expert, gentle dental care.

Age Groups

We treat adults, children, and seniors at Art of Dental Care: Ellen Rado DDS. Each age group requires a different approach because dental needs and oral health changes with time. For example, with children the goal is to keep them comfortable and relaxed so that they will enjoy visiting our family dentistry office and be willing to come back. With children, we go as slowly as necessary to ensure that their appointments are pleasant. Additionally, we focus on keeping their teeth healthy and free from cavities. This often involves additional treatments to strengthen and protect their teeth as preventative measures. Art of Dental Care: Ellen Rado DDS knows that it is far easier to keep a child’s teeth healthy and free from cavities than to try and get them comfortable with a major dental treatment. If you have children, call 732-424-8483 to schedule an appointment so that they can stay in good oral health as they grow.

In adults, we also focus on keeping teeth healthy with preventative care but end up treating a large number of patients that have damaged their teeth and need restorative solutions. With a full set of adult teeth, there are no replacements coming in. If a tooth has become damaged, we can restore it in a way that looks and feels completely natural. It is much easier for the tooth to become cracked or chipped than people think, so we regularly get calls from patients throughout Green Brook Township NJ needing an emergency appointment in order to correct the damage. We try to accommodate last minute appointments as much as possible and Art of Dental Care: Ellen Rado DDS is an expert at correcting damaged teeth.

Seniors, on the other hand, often struggle with gum disease and oral infections. As people age, their teeth can become weaker and infected more easily. Bone loss is incredibly common with seniors and by conducting regular dental exams Art of Dental Care: Ellen Rado DDS and the staff at Art of Dental Care: Ellen Rado DDS can help seniors to have strong teeth and reduce the risk of them falling out. Since over seventy percent of U.S. adults suffer from tooth loss, preventative care is important.

We welcome patients from throughout New Jersey and the 08812 are to schedule an appointment with Art of Dental Care: Ellen Rado DDS and our Children's Dentist office. We are committed to providing high-quality dental care that is painless and comfortable. To schedule an appointment call 732-424-8483.

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