Dr. Ellen Rado - Painless Dentist
Usually the fear of a dentist, dental pain or the sound of a drill has its roots in a patient’s childhood or early adolescence. This raises two very important questions.

1. A child’s first and all subsequent visits to the dentist should build the child’s trust in his doctor. Naturally, small children are very curious, even if timid or shy. If procedures are presented to them in a playful and engaging manner children can become comfortable in the dental chair much faster than some parents expect. The less parents share their own “dental” stories with their children, the better for the child. Children do not know fear until they are exposed to it. Working with pediatric patients for many years has helped Dr. Ellen Rado develop a professional bond with children based on trust and respect.

2. The fear of a dental office and everything related to it can be and may be overcome. At first, majority of Dr. Rado’s patients with dental fear and anxiety require mild sedative medication, however during the course of dental treatments this necessity gradually subsides - many of Dr. Rado’s patients will gladly share their stories. If you are interested to speak to one of her patients, please ask our office manager.

Dr. Rado is a strong believer into alternative ways of dealing with fear and anxiety. It is her opinion that medications should be the last resort in dealing with these problems. After all, medication reduces or eliminates the symptoms of fear and anxiety instead of rooting out the cause. However, all patients cannot be treated the same way. Everything depends on the patient and whether he/she truly wants to overcome this fear. There is a vast array of very gentle, short-acting sedative medications which may be very helpful in advanced cases of dental fear.

As a holistic painless dentist, Dr. Rado has always been interested in natural healing. In 2011-2012 she took a one year course in Qi-Gong healer studies, and in 2012 Dr. Rado received a Qi-Gong Healer Certificate. She has successfully implemented Qi-Gong healing techniques on some of her patients.

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