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Usually the fear of a dentist, dental pain or the sound of a drill has its roots in a patient’s childhood or early adolescence. A child’s first and all subsequent visits to the dentist should build the child’s trust in his doctor. Naturally, small children are very curious, even if timid or shy. If procedures are presented to them in a playful and engaging manner children can become comfortable in the dental chair much faster than some parents expect. The less parents share their own “dental” stories with their children, the better for the child. Children do not know fear until they are exposed to it. Working with pediatric patients for many years has helped Dr. Ellen Rado develop a professional bond with children based on trust and respect.

Baby teeth usually begin to erupt at the age of six months. Some of them will remain in the child’s mouth until the age of twelve. Because of this it is crucial to take a good care of baby teeth as early as possible. Dr. Ellen Rado emphasizes the importance of dental prevention in pediatric patients from an early age. Early treatment is critical in prevention of future bite problems and improving child’s appearance with proper jaw alignment.

Parents should be aware of these warning signs:

  • Bad breath from the mouth
  • Difficulty chewing, open mouth breathing, tongue thrusting
  • Crowded teeth
  • Thumb or finger sucking after the age of 4

If some of these signs are present, it is advisable for parents to bring their child to Dr. Ellen Rado for consultation to avoid long-lasting complications.

Dr. Ellen Rado considers oral screenings of pediatric patients, insuring child’s dental and oral development, and oral health education in her office essential for children’s future dental health.

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