Root Canal Treatment – Green Brook Dentist Dr. Ellen Rado

Dr. Ellen Rado has been involved in endodontic field for more than twenty years and is very efficient with root canal treatments. Root canal treatment is one of the most sophisticated and challenging procedures in dentistry. At the same time this procedure is unjustly shunned due to their lack of visible results and possible temporary postoperative discomfort. Most people knowledge about root canal treatment is based solely on their friends’ experiences.

However, root canal treatments if properly executed, can save a tooth from being extracted and extend its life for many years ahead.

To keep abreast of the new achievements in endodontics Dr. Ellen Rado attends endodontic seminars given by prominent endodontist Dr. Steven Buchanan, in his endodontic laboratory in Santa Barbara, CA, or listens to his lectures here, in NJ.

Contemporary anesthesia makes the root canal treatment procedures painless. The procedure helps to eliminate severe pain, swelling, and sensitivity to hot and cold. Inflamed nerve symptoms will quickly confirm the necessity of dental treatment. Root canal treatment can be done under sedation if the patient is apprehensive. During this procedure Dr. Rado cleans out the inflamed nerve and seals the space. Teeth with root canal treatments need to be restored. Restorative treatment can range from a simple filling to a large post and core with the porcelain crown placed on the tooth later. This is done to protect the tooth from fracture and following extraction.

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