The office of Cosmetic Dentist Dr. Ellen Rado can offer bleaching or other cosmetic solutions for almost every tooth shade. The bleaching materials used in our office far exceed the results of those bought over the counter, in which the patient has to use not custom-made trays. Cosmetic Dentist, Dr. Ellen Rado uses Zoom bleaching system, which helps a patient to get his teeth several shades whiter just in two hours. Zoom bleaching has become a very important stage in cosmetic dentistry, creating a path for restoring teeth with lighter, whiter shades of porcelain, giving our patients younger and healthier look.

If you choose to use Zoom bleaching, your teeth should look up to eight shades lighter in two hours. Zoom is light–activated teeth whitening treatment. After checking your teeth and gum to ensure that they are healthy to handle bleaching, Cosmetic Dentist Dr. Ellen Rado will spread a whitening gel, containing Hydrogen Peroxide over your teeth. Then she will flash the Zoom low heat on your teeth to activate and break down Hydrogen Peroxide. It will allow Oxygen enter enamel and bleach it. After three fifteen-minutes gel applications, Dr. Rado will finish up procedure with five minutes Fluoride treatment.

Zoom teeth whitening is fast, safe and convenient procedure. It will help to erase years of your enamel discolorations caused by coffee, tea, soft drinks and red wine.

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